"It's just because you're hot."

I need to bring awareness to a subject that is not okay.

The other day I had a man feel the need to tell me I only receive responses from leads on LinkedIn "because you're hot".

1. Calling a woman hot is not a compliment. Try beautiful, smart, intelligent, etc.

2. Assuming a woman only gets leads, jobs, clients, or anyone to do business with them only because of their looks is EXTREMELY inaccurate. Don't get me wrong, being approachable because of your physical appearance is beneficial. However, being "hot" is not the only reason women achieve success. Women just like men have a lot of value to offer. We have incredible brains, work ethics, creativity, and so much more. Oftentimes us women have to work extra hard to be taken seriously in a professional environment. 

3. As a male would you like being told the only reason for your success is because of your looks? I doubt it. Because I know you had to put in a lot of hard work to get to where you're at today despite your looks. 

4. Don't make comments like these. You're giving men a bad reputation! There are so many respectful men out there who want to work with women for all the right reasons.

Lastly to all my ladies out there, call out this rude behavior, and know your worth.


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