2019 Goals

2019 Goals

The end of January is around the corner already. If you haven't already, I highly suggest you define your 2019 goals. I've been using a goal-setting outline from Dave Ramsey for the past couple of years. I absolutely love it because it breaks down the most important aspects of your life and really helps you create clear, concise and realistic goals.

The following categories are: career, financial, spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and family. You can always add more categories such as relationships, business, health and travel.

My best tip for achieving your goals, is giving your goals deadlines and defining the numbers. From the podcasts and books I've read and from personal experience, it's hard to achieve goals that are loosely defined. For example, saying "I'd like to make more money this year", is not going to help you achieve your goal. You have define how much more money you'd like to make, and how much each week or month you need to make to achieve your goal for the year. So a better goal would be "I'd like to make $50,000 more this year in revenue. That means I'll need to make at least $4,166.66 a month, or $1,041.66 a week".

Refer to my 2019 goals for some inspiration.

Career: This year my goal is to adopt a new business venture, one I have never done before. I'd also like to launch my Shopify app idea. Overall, I'd like to grow the brand awareness and sales of my current companies.

Financial: This year I'd like to add to my emergency savings fund. This year I'd like to increase my income (I have defined an exact number I will not be sharing). I will increase my income by selling at least four websites a month from my marketing agency. I also will increase my income by getting 300 Meraki orders or more a month.

Spiritual: This year I aim to become closer to finding myself, loving myself, and continuing researching and using the law of attraction. My goal is to meditate twice a week.

Intellectual: This year my goal is to finish two books a month. Another goal of mine is to listen to educational podcasts three or more times a week.

Social: This year my goal is to avoid toxic energy and relationships. Another social goal of mine is to attend a networking event at least once every two months.

Physical: This year my goal is to become leaner. I do not have a goal weight, I just want to look and feel stronger and healthier.

Family: This year my goal is to spend more time each month with my family and talk to them more when I'm away. My goal is to send random messages expressing my gratitude and love for my family members.

I did not elaborate on all of my personal goals as much as I did in my journal, however, I hope this gives you guys an example of how I create my goals. Remember to give your goals timelines and map out exactly how you're going to achieve them. You got this goal-getters!


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